Govt warns over illegal fishing methods

Written by on April 27, 2019

Oliver Samboko writers         

GOVERNMENT has directed the Department of livestock and fisheries in Siavonga to immediately arrest fishermen in a habit of using illegal methods of Fishing on lake Kariba.

District commissioner Lovemore Kanyama stated in a statement to the Sun in Siavonga that the use of mosquito nets and other harmful methods to catch fish was responsible for depletion of fish on the man made lake. 

‘’Day and night water patrols must be effected  and bring to book those fishermen in the habit of using mosquito nets for fishing. Their homes must equally be searched and have the fishing nets confiscated,” stated the statement in part.

Mr. Kanyama further said he has been recieving reports that indisciplined fishermen are using dangerous methods of fishing such as use of chemicals which has potential of putting the lives of consumers in danger. 

He said Fish had depleted on the Zambian side of the lake due to poor and dangerous fishing methods applied by  fishermen adding that his office will not protect any fisherman found wanting.

He said all fishermen   involved in illegal activities on the lake must be blacklisted and banned for life from fishing on Lake Kariba so that sanity can return.

The district commissioner said the Department of Livestock and Fisheries should not only concentrate on taxes and fees from fishermen but also check on the  methods being used to catch the fish they are  collecting tax from.

He called for collaboration between the Department of Livestock and fisheries and Siavonga district council to end the illegal activities adding that part of the council should also take interest in the preservation of fish on the lake because part of its revenue is coming from the fish industry.

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