Chirundu women condemned for excessive beer drinking

Written by on April 26, 2019


SOME concerned men of Chirundu district have bemoaned the excessive beer drinking among the women in the area
Mr Abel Nyondo said it was sad to note that women in the district were now drinking more than men.

He said it was very sad to see women in a drunken state early in the morning and one wondered what time they had to do house chores.
Mr Nyondo said women were supposed to be the pillars of the family, mentors and role models to teach good morals to the children.
“But it’s sad that most women no longer care about who will look after their children,” said Mr Nyondo.

Mr Nyondo said it was embarrassing and disheartening to see women behave in a weird way when drunk and even make themselves more vulnerable to social evils.

He said some men take advantage of them by undressing and taking pictures of their private parts because they were too drunk to care.
Another concerned man Mr Kasonde Mulenga also expressed worry over the bad behaviour of some married women and young girls patronising bars.

“These women follow us where we drink and play games for men; they come dressed to kill and when we just greet them and maybe unfortunately the husband or their parents spot you around them they take you to the police station and there the law is handed on men”, he said.

Mr Mulenga said the married women and underage girls seducing men in bars should also be arrested because men felt the law was very lenient towards women and yet they were the catalysts.
And Stephen Kalenga said it was sad that women had also taken to excessive beer drinking, adding that it was a contributing factor to the escalating number of families and marriages breaking down and gender based violence (GBV).

Mr Kalenga appealed to men who were in a habit of buying women beer to stop but instead empower them.
Meanwhile, chairman for pastors’ fellowship in Chirundu district pastor Peter Lengwe said women were builders of homes and families therefore they were responsible for mentoring their children.

Pastor Lengwe said women must always turn to God and ask for strength and wisdom on how to take care of their homes because most of them when they have family pressures thought the only way to get rid of it was by drinking beer.
He advised women to take care of their bodies because they were temples of the Holy Spirit and pray to God.

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