Gambling Chipepo youths worry parents

Written by on April 25, 2019


PARENTS of Pambazana village of Ng’ombe Ilede ward in Chipepo chiefdom of Chirundu district have expressed concern over illicit card gambling activities among the youths in the area.

Mr. Levy Siankulu said he was saddened that youths and small children  have taken to gambling instead of making themselves useful and productive by helping their parents in fields and studying.

Mr. Siankulu said he was worried because the youths had now started engaging themselves in stealing goats and chickens just to raise money for  gambling, a situation he described as very unfortunate considering that families depended on livestock for their livelihood.

He told the Sun that gambling   was always done in secretive places a clear indication that it was bad and illegal.

Mr. Siankulu has called on the police and neighbourhood watches to arrest any person found gambling and involved in illicit activities in the area.

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