Divorced wife earns K5,000 compensation

Written by on April 25, 2019


A LUSAKA businessman has been ordered by the Matero local court to compensate his wife with K5,000 for divorcing her.

Nicholas Mukonga of Zingalume sued his wife Laika Wiga,28, of the same compound for divorce. 

The two who were appearing before magistrate Miyanda Banda. 
got married in 2014 but have no children together. 

Mukonga told the court that their problems started in 2016 because they were always fighting and Wiga would always threaten him.

“She would tell me that one of us would go to jail and the other to the graveyard. She went for business last month and returned late.  At midnight she called to tell me that she was at her pastor’s house and after 2-3 day’s she asked me to go get her from there “.

“I took her to the hospital where she was found with a stomach problem, when we went back home she asked me to buy mealie meal and when I took it home she was upset asking why I bought pembe. She hit me with a metal, called me a fool and started insulting me.  She says I give her less money but I usually leave her with a K40,”

“I used to love her but not anymore I want the marriage to end because she can kill me,” said Mukonga “.

Wiga told the court that their problems only started because they did not have a child together. 

“He is the one with a problem I already have a child from my previous marriage, we went to the hospital and they found him with the problem. 

“ I found him with two bottles of medicine that he got from a witch doctor and wanted us to be taking it for us to have a child. I went to his relatives to tell them about was going on. At one time he woke up and started crying saying he would kill himself,” she said 

He later went to consult his grandmother where he was told that a spirit wanted K3,500, a white chicken and a white cloth to be thrown in water for him to have a child.

 “We went to Kafue River where Mukonga did all those things, I was praying the entire time because I did not want anything to do with that,” she said

“The court cannot force the marriage,  since there is no love. It is unfortunate that you went to a witch doctor . This is just a small problem but you went to be duped by people.

“ Just go for prayers because children come from God, you can find yourself entering Satanism,” said magistrate Banda

He granted divorce and ordered Mukonga to compensate is wife with K5,000.All household goods to be shared equally.


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