Poor refereeing caused our loss – Circuit City…as coach lectures reporter on what to pen.

Written by on April 21, 2019


CIRCUIT City FC have blamed their loss to Forest Rangers in Friday’s game to poor refereeing.
Circuit City coach, Mathews Phiri, told the Sun in a post-match interview, the refereeing in the game played at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium was poor and unfair.
Phiri’s team lost 3-2 to Forest Rangers.
He said it was unacceptable for his team to waste money to travel to Ndola and only to lose due to poor refereeing.
He said he was unhappy with the decision by the refereeing team, led by Rodrick Ng’andu, to accept Forest Rangers’ midfielder, Austin Muwowo’s goal when it was clearly off side.
He observed that the referee should not have allowed the goal to stand as it was clearly off side.
“Even a blind person could have easily ruled out Muwowo’s goal for off side,” he said.
“Gentlemen be fair. You are reporters, the referees are not going to improve if you follow their mistakes. Have we lost? From an off side goal?” queried Phiri.
“Even you picked someone from the streets who knows very little about football, they could have ruled it was off side,” he said.
“Write what I have told you in tomorrow’s newspaper, that the third goal for Forest Rangers was an offside. The game was supposed to end 2-2. Where you going to be happy with the third goal if you were the coach?” he said.
Circuit City’s loss to Forest Rangers places it third from the bottom of Stream B of the super league.
Meanwhile, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) recently cautioned club officials against criticizing match officiating in the media.
FAZ secretary general, Adrian Kashala, said clubs should always air their grievances concerning match officiating through proper channels.
Kashala said clubs needed to officially write to his office about any grievances they may have regarding match officiating so that the matters could be investigated.

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