Maid divorced for singing funeral songs

Written by on April 18, 2019

A 53 year old maid of Kalingalinga has divorced her husband of 11 years at the Boma Local Court alleging that he chased her from home for singing a funeral song.

Joyce Phiri told Senior Local Court Magistrate Bertha Zulu that problems in her marriage to Samilani Phiri, 57, started in 2013.

“One day after doing some house chores outside I entered the house and started singing a song from church. He asked me why I was singing that song. I told him it is a song sang at funerals,” Joyce said

She said her husband got upset but she quickly apologized as he told her to go outside and ask a few people if that was a funeral song or not

“He asked me if I had missed funerals and he brought up the issue again after some days. We discussed it from around 03.00-05:00hre he said his heart was aching too much, said Joyce.

The following day she received a call from her sister that Samilani phoned her to confirm if they really sung that funeral song at church and her sister agreed.

“My husband also told my sister that if I wanted to leave I should pack my bags and go. I tried to talk to him and even complained to his brother but nothing helped,” she said.
Samilani finally told her to leave the house as he did not want to find her home when he came from work.

In his defence, Samilani told the court that he had explained to his wife that he did not like funeral songs because his first and second wives were dead.
He also said that they had never stayed well in their marriage because his wife was fond of insulting him.

Samilani further told the court that families had tried to reconcile them many times and were now fed up of their marital disputes and he too just wanted the marriage to end. 

Magistrate Zulu granted the divorce without compensation as the court found that they both contributed to the downfall of their marriage. 

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