Woman sued of sale of land

Written by on April 17, 2019


A LUSAKA woman of Garden House area has been dragged to Kanyama Local Court for refusing to produce documents to the person who bought her plot in 2014.
Pauline Phiri, 44, unemployed, was sued by her neighbor, Reyan Mulango, 36, a bricklayer of the same locality for refusing to give him the letter of offer despite paying for it.
Particulars of the case are that in 2014 Mr. Mulango bought a piece of land from Ms. Phiri in Garden House at K6,000 which was paid in installment with the first payment being K4000 and the final payment of K1,000 was made in 2017.
Mr. Mulango told the court that Ms. Phiri had assured him that once the final payment was made she would give him the letter of sale but he had been waiting in vain since then.

“I have been asking for the papers ever since I finished paying but she keeps telling me not to worry she will have it sorted out soon.
“But I am worried I may die and my family will have no claim to the property since there are no documents to support the sale,” he said.

But in her defence Ms. Phiri said the reason she had been refusing to give Mr. Mulango the letter of offer was because he had built beyond the agreed demarcations.
She was waiting for her brother who was the first owner of the plot to re-demarcate it.
“The reason I refused to give him papers is because he built in my absence when I was out and we agreed 6 x 12 not the 6 x 20 he is talking about, my elder brother is the first owner of the plot and he knows the beacons well so once he re-demarcates then Mr. Mulango has to respect the agreed size of the land sold to him,” She said.
Magistrate Mubukwanu Matala adjourned the matter to April 19 to give chance to Ms. Phiri to produce the required documents.

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