Court throws out three ‘inept’ administrators

Written by on April 17, 2019

SENIOR presiding Magistrate Sharon Sichone has revoked administration of three people at the Boma Local Court after a Uganda-based woman sued them over unfair administration of her late husband’s property.
Joan Namusokwe, 37 of Uganda took Peter Mulenga, 46, Beatrice Mulenga, 30 and Richard Mutelaba, 57 to court for their failure to administer the property of late husband fairly.
Namusokwe told the court that she married Mr Matthews Changufu, in 2003 but he passed on in October last year.
‘My husband was in Zambia and I went to work in Sudan to support the 2 children we had in Uganda. When I came to Zambia I discovered he was a womaniser so I left,
“While I was making travel arrangements to come back, unfortunately he died. I came to mourn my husband and to see who would care for my children,’ she said
She was however shocked that her husband’s family had acknowledged another woman, Beatrice Mulenga as the widow because she was supposedly married to her husband as well.
They also alleged that Mr Changufu was an impotent and therefore her children could not be his.
‘Beatrice, Peter and my brother were chosen to be administrators. I needed to go back to Uganda and it was decided that the plot and car that belonged to the late should be sold but nothing has moved since then,” she said
She said Mr Changufu’s brother was keeping the car and even once intimidated that there was someone who wanted to buy the car.
“My own brother, the co-administrator offered to buy the plot but nothing has been communicated to him. My children haven’t even been able to go back to school,” she said
She further stated that Mr Changufu’s family now wanted her to be deported so that they could grab all the property.
She said Peter Mulenga personally confessed to her that he feared to offend Emmanuel Changufu, the brother of her late husband.
Mr. Mutelaba he had provided shelter to Joan and her children who otherwise would have been on the streets.
“I want to step down and leave room for the administrator general to guide us,’ Mr Mutelaba said.
The court found that there was a lot of interference from the deceased’s family which has made the sale of the properties difficult.
Magistrate Sichone then revoked the three administrators.

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