Teacher finds wife perched on another mans laps

Written by on April 17, 2019

Ndola teacher has narrated in a local court that he found his wife drinking beer at a lodge while perched on another mans laps.
He complained that his wife, who is also a teacher, had a habit of cheating on him and that at one time when he called her, she told him that she was servicing another man.
Steven Sishekamo 38, said this in his defence when his wife Dina Mumeka, 34, a teacher at Northrise Primary School sued him for divorce, which was apparently granted.
The case was before Kabushi Local Court senior presiding magistrate Agnes Mulenga sitting with Mildred Namwizya and Evelyn Nalwizye.
Mr Sishekamo said they lived well when they got married until his wife was transferred to Kapiri Mposhi.
He said he used to hear rumours that his wife had started taking alcohol and spending nights in guest houses.
Mr Sishekamo said he decided to push for her transfer so that she could be working from Ndola to restore harmony.
“When she started working from Ndola she continued taking alcohol and could spend nights out of matrimonial home,” he said.
He said he told his relatives about her behaviour and whenever they tried to talk to her she would not want to listen.
“We started a business together and opened a grocery shop and she would tell me that she was at the shop each time I called, when in fact not,” he said.
He said one day he passed by the shop and found it locked after she had assured him that she was around.
Thereafter, he said, someone tipped him that his wife was with a man drinking beer at a certain lodge.
She pursued them and to his utter shock he found her sitting on a man’s laps and enjoying her beer.
Ms Sishekamo said in January this year, he called his wife late at night because she had not yet returned home abut she answered that she was busy serving another man.
He said he collapsed and was admitted to the hospital and that his wife only came to check on him the following day in her drunken state.
But Ms Mumeka explained that she wanted to divorced her husband citing threats from his relatives whenever they had misunderstanding.
She said each time she had a difference with her husband, his relatives would side with him and threatened to kill her.

She told the court that they got married in 2007 and had three children. K50 dowry was paid.

Ms Mumeka said she lived well with her husband until a year when his relatives started interfering in their marriage.

“Each time we have a misunderstanding, they always side with him. They do not want to get my part of the story and just insist that they will kill me if anything bad happens to him,” she said.

She said her husband’s relatives had not given her peace since she got married and that she was just staying with him for the sake of the children.

Ms Mumeka said this year when they differed, her husband took some poison in a bid to kill himself.

They blamed her saying she was a prostitute and that was why her husband wanted to terminate his life.

She was not comfortable living with him because he might one day kill himself and his relatives would be after her life.

In passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce with no compensation to both parties and ordered them to share household property equally.

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