Marriage ends over 8 dead children

Written by on April 15, 2019

Mutinta Mulaye writes

The Boma Local Court has dismissed a case of marriage reconciliation in which Precious Mwiinga, 26 of Garden house dragged Joel Phiri, 32, a driver of Garden house.
Precious Mwiinga stated before Senior Local Court Magistrate Contilda Kamono that she started staying with Mr Phiri in 2013 but dowry was not paid.
‘We had 10 children, 9 died and now we only have one. My husband does not support me anymore and has never done anything for our son since he was born. We have not had sex since 13th January 2019. Last week Friday we had a meeting with my grandmother and he told her that he does not want to stay with me anymore. He also said my father is the one who killed the children and that is why he stopped talking to me,’ Ms Mwiinga stated.
She further stated that when she took the matter to her father, he suggested that he should go with Mr Phiri to the witchdoctor to see if he was the one who killed their children.
Mr Phiri then told the court that he had 9 children with his wife and they all either died after birth of after a day and now they have just one son.
‘We went to complain to my mother in law but nothing was done. My wife and I went to see a prophet who told us the problem was coming from my wife’s father who was using her. Before my mother in law died, my father in law told her not to allow my wife to have any children or to get married.
He further stated that his father in law had gone to get charms from a witchdoctor which he was using on Ms Mwiinga to prevent her from having children. He also stated that his father in law had not followed the instructions carefully from the witchdoctor and that is why Ms Mwiinga was still able to conceive.
“We are only left with one child who is also being tormented by my wife. In the night, she strangles the child on the neck and she does not even know she is doing it. She has also tried to commit suicide three times. I found her hanging herself and almost dying but I saved her in good time. I went to a prophet who said her father was using her,” Mr Phiri stated.
He also told the court that he was tired of these problems and did not want to continue staying with his wife.
Magistrate Kamono dismissed the case because dowry was not paid and there was therefore no marriage to reconcile. The two were advised to go their separate ways and Ms Mwiinga to go for prayers.

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