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… they slept with his wife for survival

KUWADZANA, Zimbabwe-A self-confessed prophet from Kuwadzana has been arrested after being found in possession of two live snakes in his bedroom.

The snakes, black and green mambas were found stashed in pillow cases under a bed.

Comrade Chinyanga’s wife Jane Kutama, 28, discovered the two reptiles before making a police report.

The 39-year-old Chinyanga was brought before Mbare Magistrate Kudzai Zihove-Mutero facing charges of engaging in practices commonly associated with witchcraft and assaulting or resisting a peace officer.

Upon his arrest Chinyanga assaulted an arresting officer before he let the snakes escape, destroying the evidence.

He told the court that had the snakes reached the police station, he would have died, thus letting them return to Malawi where he bought them was his only option.

He awaits his sentence.

The State, led by Lawrence Gangarahwe, had it that sometime in December last year and at house number 2328 Kuwadzana 4, Chinyanga brought a live black mamba which was stashed in his satchel before disclosing to his wife that he had removed it from a certain homestead where he had conducted a cleansing ceremony.

He however, promised to burn the snake on the day.

It is the State’s case that after three days Chinyanga’s wife saw the live snake in the same bag before questioning her husband on why he was still keeping the reptile in the house before he told her that he was keeping it for a purpose only known to him. He further told his wife that he had bought it in Malawi.

According to the State, Chinyanga threatened his wife that if she disclosed the issue to anyone she would become insane for life.

The State heard that Chinyanga told his wife that the snakes survived by having sexual intercourse with her and they were being fed on mealie-meal.

It was further revealed that Chinyanga’s wife discovered that there was another snake in a separate pillow case under the bed.

She confronted him but he failed to give a clear explanation prompting her to make a police report on March 30, this year at around 5pm.

He was arrested and it was proved that a police officer attended the scene and two snakes were found inside the two pillow cases tied together on their tails.

Following the confiscation of the two pillows with the snakes, Chinyanga was escorted to ZRP Kuwadzana for further investigations.

While on the way to the police station, Chinyanga hit the investigating officer who was holding the exhibit.

He hit the police officer with his right elbow before he stumbled into the grass.

While the officer was still lying down, Chinyanga further hit him on the forehead with a pillow case which had one of the snakes.

During the scuffle, Chinyanga took away the pillow cases before tearing them letting the two snakes to escape. SOURCE: H-Metro

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