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A TEACHER in Ndola has dragged his fiancée to court for refusing to go ahead with the wedding after all preparations.

Charles Phiri 35, of Chifubu township has sued Bridget Kangwa a 27-year-old clerk of Kabushi township for breach of marriage contract.

He told the court that he met Ms Kangwa when he was in college and the two got into a relationship.

“After I completed my studies we separated and I met her again after some years. She told me she was once married and had one child,” he said.

He said the two of them started seeing each other again and all preparations for the wedding began.

The case was before Chifubu local court senior presiding magistrate Besa Mushibwe sitting with Kaala Nyambe and Paul Kayula.

Mr Phiri said he paid K200 dowry and was charged K10,000 bride price and made a down payment of K8,000 to the lady’s parents.

“We were supposed to get married in March this year. Unfortunately my mother passed away at the end of February and we decided to postpone the wedding so that I could have time to mourn my mother,” he said.

He said during that process, his fiancée said she was not going ahead with the wedding because she did not want it to be postponed.

“I have already paid for the venue, all the preparations are in place but I don’t know why she does not want to go ahead with the wedding,” he said.

He added that she went to Lusaka and stopped picking his calls and at one-time a man picked up and told him that she was his girlfriend.

In her statement, Ms Kangwa said when she met Mr Phiri, she had a child from her previous marriage.

She said when she introduced him to her pastor, he told her he was not the right man   for her and that was how they went their separate ways.

Ms Kangwa said after some months, they got back together and started planning on having a home together.

“He would come for a week at my house to visit but what shocked me was that we would sleep on the same bed for a week without him even touching me,” she said.

She said he was never moved even if she was naked it was just like she was not present.

Ms Kangwa said one day she forced him to have sex with her but she did not enjoy it as she felt nothing.

She said he went to his pastor who gave him   anointing  oil to apply to his private part to enable him function well.

“After some months, he told me he was okay and could perform for more than 30 minutes but when we had sex again, the situation did not change,” she said.

She said she told him that she could not go ahead with the marriage because she did not want to cheat on him in future.

Ms Kangwa said she could not tell people why she was calling off the wedding because she did not want to embarrass him and that was why she told him she was going to school for three years in Lusaka.

She said when she went to Lusaka she met her childhood friend who she used to date before she met Mr Phiri and that they started seeing each other.

“He called me and I told him that I had moved on because I told him to move on as well. I can not pretend to be happy when am not sexually satisfied,” she said.

In passing judgment, the court ordered that the man be compensated with K2,900 he spent on hiring the venue and K8,000 he paid as bride price.

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