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THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) says it has a transparent recruitment process of national team coaches.

Speaking during the inaugural MTN Bola Show at Taj Pamodzi Hotel on Monday, FAZ president Andrew Kamanga said that his association had always recruited its coaches in a transparent manner.

Kamanga said that all the coaches that his association had hired, including the recently appointed technical director Lyson Zulu have had to undergo a competitive selection process through interviews.

He said that at no time had he imposed anyone on his executive or association, adding that there’s was a transparent approach to recruitment of staff.

“We’ve always recruited our coaches in transparent manner, nobody has ever come through the back door as people get interviewed and we did the same for the technical director Lyson Zulu while others where even making insinuations that he was brought in because he is my tribesman,

“In fact I had never even met Zulu before he came to FAZ and I did not even know who he was, I wasn’t even on the panel that interviewed him as it was FIFA that did that,

‘’That’s the transparency that I have been I’m putting on record, when I leave FAZ I want you (anyone) to go and find out where and when I did ever impose anyone, because I respect the processes even in the executive committee, I don’t go to it with a position to say this is what I want,” said Kamanga.

 He said FAZ always debated and at the end of the day made a resolution and on contentious issues votes were taken.

The FAZ president further urged journalists and soccer fans to stop talking about his name, adding that his executive was a collection of people and not a personal agenda.

He has since urged Journalists to work with his association and further criticize constructively, adding that he was always available for interviews and engagements with the media. Kamanga explained that going forward his association would organize a direct session with the media so as to move on the same pace and make a presentation on various pertinent issues such as the FAZ bonds that his association had embarked on

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