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A STUDENT at the University of Zambia UNZA has sued his worker for pocketing his K2,177 meant for depositing in the Airtel Money Account

Mateyo Banda, 23, of Ng’ombe sued the 17 year old youth whom he gave K3,967 business money to deposit but did not so and on quizzing him only produced K500, leaving a balance of K2,177 unaccounted for.

Banda, who was appearing before Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala  said he gave the boy business money amounting to K3,967 to deposit in the business account but he took it home.

He told the court that he gave his employee K3, 967 to deposit but he took it home claiming that he would deposit it the following day.

“I called him for verification only to be told that he deposited the money but the money was not showing in the account. I was confused and I told him to give it back but he only gave me K500 leaving a balance K2,177 which he could not account for.

“Being my neighbour and   worker I understood him and told him that the only thing I wanted was my money,” he said.

In defence, Kaonga told court that the money usually went missing in the Airtel money account.

In submission Banda told the court that all what he wanted was his money to be recovered with interest.

Magistrate Namangala ordered Kaonga to pay K2, 500 to Banda with a first installment of K2, 000 effective this month end and the balance of K500 to be paid on May 15.

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