Written by on April 7, 2019

Kindly allow me to comment on Senior Chief Chiwala of Masaiti district, on the Copperbelt Province who has implored the Church to be cautious when handling issues of national interest.

The traditional leader, who implored the church to focus on unifying the country, as opposed to siding with politicians, noted that failure to do so will be neglecting their core of winning souls into the kingdom of God by emphasizing salvation.

But how can the church do that when a priest in Mindolo, Kitwe swindled unsuspecting congregants of hundreds of thousands of kwacha.

The church said nothing but quietly transferred him to another town.

It would have been better that just as they condemn politicians, the church should have condemned this priest publicly.

The church of old was unifier while today a clergy man will indirectly campaign for his preferred politician.

 The opposition think it’s ok since the clergy is on his side but don’t forget that an unprincipled person is an unpredictable person. I’m glad that at long last one Cardinal has been imprisoned in Australia.


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