Written by on April 7, 2019

Allow me to air my views on the welfare of my country.

While I appreciate the advantages that come with democracy such as freedom of expression, I think ours in Zambia appears to have been blown out of proportion.

What is worrying is that everyone these days wants to be a politician. For example some clergy have completely abandoned their call to religious duty for political involvement.

 Even some civil servants and many others for the sake of wanting to see Zambia become the way they best feel have followed a similar pattern.

Let me say that the change we want to see in Zambia must start with us and not with any political party. 

Cholera for example can be triggered by one careless individual and rapidly spread to other human beings.

 And yes, we have the right to know how we want our country to be run but remember that we gave a mandate to some people in 2016 to speak for us in parliament for a period of five years.

If things are not working then probably the person given the mandate to represent us in development institutions such as Parliament might not be doing their job. 

If a development gap occurs at village level probably the honourable Ward Councillor is not doing his job.

 So, clearly we cannot all elect to be politicians but if we do so, our country has the potential to be headed for serious economic challenges.


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