Runaway hubby divorced

Written by on April 6, 2019

A WOMAN of Lusaka has sued her husband for divorce for leaving his matrimonial home for four months claiming that he went to stay with his girlfriend.
She said that her husband ran away from the house after getting a loan which he left her paying.
“We got married in 2014 with two children and dowry wasn’t paid.”
This is a case in which Charity Meleki, 33, of Obama compound was appearing before Chelstone local court presiding magistrates Mary Namangala sitting with Kennedy Mwansa Mutale in a matter in which she sued her husband Nason Chilufya, 35, of the same area for divorce.
She told the court that her husband is a drunkard who drinks a lot beer and doesn’t provide for the house or rather pay rentals.
“He run away from home after we got a loan together and am the one paying, ” she said.
In defence, Mr. Chilufya told the court the reason he moved from his matrimonial home is that the wife beats him a lot and always threatens to kill him with a knife.
“I did not run away from the house am just at my mother’s place because am scared for my life. Lately, I had an engagement in a certain business of which I came late and my wife kicked me severely,” said Chilufya.
He also told court that at a certain point he stopped drinking beer and was the one doing all the house chores including cooking. Instead the wife used to come drunk and do her gymnastics on him.
” We tried to sit down with the family but nothing happened, I forgave her on several occasions but she has decided to divorce me, let her will be done,” he said.
In submission, plaintiff insisted on divorcing the husband.
Since dowry wasn’t paid, court dismissed the case and advised plaintiff to sue for child maintenance.

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