Dogs ransack Incinerator

Written by on April 6, 2019

A FAMILY of Lusaka’s Chipata compound living next to an incinerator at a local clinic has continued living in unhealthy condition after discovering some foetuses in their yard.
Mr Kennedy Makukula for a long time has been complaining to the ministry of health and other relevant authorities over the smoke from an incinerator which was constructed few metres from his house.
Speaking to the Sun, Mr Makukula said dogs were now picking plastic bags from the clinic incinerator containing some foetuses to eat and spilling them in his yard, a situation he described as a health risk to his family.

Kennedy Makukula points at the incinerator from his yard: Picture by LINDA SOKO TEMBO

He said as a result of the smoke from the incinerator, his family has been experiencing some health concerns.
“As I am talking to you I am sick and my children have been frequenting the clinic with unknown diseases.
“What happened last time is that, there is a storage outside the incinerator room some. Sometimes cleaners only dump the plastic bags containing the wastes from the clinic, so dogs sneak under the gate and get the plastic bags and dump them in my yard,” he said.
Mr Makukula said after discovering a foetus last week he reported the incident to one of members of staff at the clinic who also expressed shock at what he saw but nothing has been done since then.
He said despite the Ministry of Health assuring him that he would be relocated by way of compensation, nothing tangible had come through.

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