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The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has cautioned coaches against publicly complaining to the media against poor officiating of games without formally writing to the Association. Speaking in an interview with The Sun sport, FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala said that his office had not yet received any complaints from coaches or Clubs against poor officiating but have only been reading about it in the media.
He said that those that have evidence against erring referees should always report to the association so that it is investigated as the association does not condone unfair play.
He said it was imperative for Clubs to follow normal procedure than complaining in the Press as it does not help the situation since Clubs and administrators knew the procedure to follow if they had any grievances against referees.
‘’The problem is that we have just read about these complaints in the newspapers and social media, we all know the procedures of complaining against any match official. We do not entertain poor officiating or intentionally disadvantaging of other teams through poor officiating, that’s not the way to go and if we got evidence against any official they would not be seen officiating any game,’’ he said.
For us those that have evidence against malpractice should just bring it to the fore by getting in touch with us so that we investigate as we cannot entertain such situations, a game should be played in a fair way.
The FAZ general secretary also warned referees against the habit of poor officiating adding that it would not go without punishment.
“That’s just a warning to our referees who are in the habit of doing such kind of things we will not let them scot free, they will be punished, but again to our Clubs let them follow normal procedure than complaining through the media without formally writing to us, as it will not help them,” he said.
Let them write letters to us, as two or three letters against the same individuals will raise our interest and give us a heads up to investigate other than just complaining in the media.
Some coaches have raised complaints against poor officiating by match officials during league games with NAPSA stars coach Mohamed Fathy, Forest Rangers Coach Perry Mutapa and Nkwazi coach Chris Kaunda being among the coaches that have been quoted in the media raising some concerns against what they had termed as poor officiating.

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