Devil-influenced neighbour fined K7, 000 for adultery

Written by on April 4, 2019

A CHIPATA compound man has been ordered by a local court to pay his friend K7, 000 for committing adultery with his wife after the Devil misled him.
Senior Boma Local Court Magistrate Gaston Kalala ordered Beeliat Chanda, 32, to pay his friend William Bulaya, 35 of the same locality the money for having an affair with his wife.
Bulaya told the court that Chanda was his friend and neighbour.
He said in February 2019 while he was on the Copperbelt, he received a call from his wife telling him that something embarrassing had happened to her.
“Banani uza ati ba Beeliat bana yenda mu nyumba mwatu busiku noba pempa kiss”
“She told me Beeliat had gone to our house in the evening and asked her for a kiss,” Mr Bulaya stated.
He also said that his wife later admitted that Chanda’s wife caught her red handed sleeping with the accused.
Bulaya further said that when he returned to Lusaka, a meeting was arranged between families where both his wife and Chanda confessed that they had been having an affair for a long time.
Chanda did not deny the allegations and said everything Bulaya had said was true.
He also said that what he did was wrong and that it was the devil who used him to sleep with his friend’s wife.
Bulaya’s wife, Matilda 25 of Chipata compound however denied having an affair with Chanda.
Matilda told the court that Chanda had entered her house when her husband was not around and tried to sleep with her but she chased him.
“Ku door kwenze koseguka chabe kuma 22,00 hours. Bana ngena chabe no zimya candle. Ba kazi babo banaba peza bachoka mu nyumba yathu noni punda hule noni tukwana noni menya” she said
“The door to our house was open around 22:00hrs. He entered and put out the candle. His wife found him coming out of our house and started calling me a prostitute and she insulted me and beat me,” said Matilda
The court found that adultery happened between the two because Chanda did not deny any of the allegations.
Magistrate Kalala then ordered Chanda to compensate Bulaya with K7, 000.

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