Adulterous housewife flees after hubby re-played her sexy chats

Written by on March 30, 2019


A business man in Ndola narrated in a court that he discreetly recorded his wife’s conversations with her lover, but she fled when he re-played the amorous and sexy chats.
The wife was apparently in a love affairs with a truck driver, whom the court fined K11,000 for committing adultery with another man’s wife.
This is a case in which Geoffrey Mukanda a 45-year-old business man of Mushili Township sued Davy Sichali 46, truck driver of Lubuto Township for compensation for committing adultery.
Mr Mukanda discovered his wife’s secret love affair after he diverted her calls and recorded all conversations, which apparently involved amorous messages.
He told the court that he has two children with his wife, but was shocked to learn that she was secretly having a love affair with a truck driver whom she used to have sex with whenever he was away on business.
He narrated in court that they lived well until in 2017 when his wife could receive calls from a man frequently and started coming back home late.
Ms Mukanda said whenever he was out of town for business, his wife never used to be pick up his calls and sometimes her phone would be off.
The case came before Kabushi Local Court senior presiding magistrate Agnes Mulenga sitting with Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.
He said one day her phone rang when she was not in the house and he discreetly got hold of the number of the man she frequently spoke to at night.
Mr Mukanda said in October 2018 he got his wife’s sim-card and diverted her calls to recording and went to Solwezi for business. “When I came back, I took her phone and listened to the recordings and transferred them to my phone,” he said.
Mr Mukanda said in the recordings the wife and her lover made plans on how they would meet to have sex while he was away for business.
He said his wife would tell the man to go to their matrimonial home so that they could enjoy sex in his absence.
Mr Mukanda said he then confronted the man and he confessed that he was sleeping with his wife while he was away.
He said he played the recording for the wife while they were together at night and she apologised and asked for forgiveness.
The following day around 06:00hours, he said, his wife fled from home and then he called for a meeting in the presence of Mr Sichali. However, his wife denied all allegations.
In his statement, Mr Sichali said he had nothing to say because whatever the plaintiff said was true.
When the court asked him why he was having sex with a married woman, he said he did not know that she was married.
He said he just found out later that she was married after being with her for some time.
In passing judgment the court ordered Mr Sichali to compensate Mr Mukanda K11,000 with the first payment of K6,000 and thereafter K1,000 monthly.

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