Taxi driver refuses to reconcile with disrespectful wife

Written by on March 29, 2019



A taxi driver in Lusaka told the Boma Local Court he did not he could not reconcile with his wife of two years because she was disrespectful.

Mr Nicholas Mumba told presiding magistrate Bertha Zulu that his wife Gloria Mumba, 24, of John Laing Compound, also always got upset and wanted to fight him every time she found him carrying female clients.

He said that Ms Mumba always tried to find fault in whatever he did and that he at one time resorted to sleeping in the car or at his mother’s house.

This was in a case in which Ms Mumba sued her husband for divorce after he refused to take her into his house after she underwent some counselling from her family.

Ms Mumba, who got married to Mr Mumba in 2017 after he impregnated her, said that he infact coerced her into suing for divorce so they could end their marriage.

“Pa first pebanani tenga tenzo nkala bwino. Babwela bambo niuza ati nilibe ulemu. Banani pelekapo naku family yanga ati bayende bani funde, (We lived well after we got married but later on he started telling me I was disrespectful, and even took me back to my family for counselling),” Ms Mumba stated.

She said that Mr Mumba failed to collect her from her family after the counselling but instead informed her that he wanted a divorce. “Ba mummy bana bauza ati bazani funda ba family. Beve banauza ba mummy ati nika choka kuno nikayende kulonga katundu yanga (My mother told him they would counsel me but he told her I should just go and collect my belongings from his house),” Ms Mumba said.

She said that he told her she could not return to his house when she went to see him after a few days and she had no choice but to return to her mother’s house.

“Tina bwelapo naku court ati bati chite reconcile but ba muna banga sibenzo funa. Apa tili pa separation for 8 months. Banani uza ati nigule chi paper cha divorce, (We even come to court to try and reconcile but my husband refused. We have been on separation for 8 months, but he asked me to sue for divorce),” said Ms Mumba.

“Kambili enze libe ulemu. Enzoniuza ati nimamu nyansa palibe veninga chite pa nyumba. Anatengapo na mankwala kufuna kuzi paya, (She showed me no respect most times. She would tell me I disgusted her and that there was nothing I did for the home. She even got charms to try and bewitch me),” stated Mr Mumba in his defence.

The court ruled that the relationship between the two had broken down due to the longer period of separation, and that there was no longer peace and understanding between them.

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