Casual approach hindering sports growth – consultant

Written by on March 29, 2019



SPORTS is a serious business with potential to help the nation develop, a United States-based sports development consultant has said.

Jonathan Chipalo observed that sports development should start at household level because parents and guardians need to play a role in glooming athletes.

“Zambians should learn to take sports seriously. It’s not a casual affair,” Chipalo told The Sun in an interview.

“Guardians need to play their role to support the child right from home, at a tender age, because by so doing, they help the child get groomed into a world class athlete. We have to start moving in the right direction if we need to produce top class athletes as a nation,” he said.

“Some sports do not require much money to develop but just the concerted involvement of guardians and administrators,” stated Chipalo.

Meanwhile, Chipalo said sports is no longer about vertical leadership but about round table support system.

He challenged the administrators to work together and to put the interest of sports first.

“Working in isolation will not take us anywhere but will kill sports but working together as sports administrators will take Zambian sports miles,” he said.

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