Bokwe return with Ake

Written by on March 29, 2019


Zambian singing trio of Jitebe Mumba aka Gaz, Casint Malipeng(Casmali) and Elijah Mupenda musically called Kasen have returned for the year 2019 with a new single called ‘Ake’.
‘Ake’ is another song styled in line with Bokwe’s venture of love songs. It is a song that talks about finding true love.
“Many are the times people jump from one relationship to another in search of a perfect match to spend the rest of their lives with.’Aké is a Kaonde term that means “This one” and it talks about a man finally finding a woman that he has decided to settle with,” said Kasen in giving the motive behind the song.

“This man takes the woman to his family and he is excited when the woman is well received and accepted by the family.”
He says Aké is a truly a musical expression of a man’s joy after truly finding his missing rib, looking forward to their marriage, and starting up a family together.
“As the saying goes, ‘whoever finds a wife, finds a good thing’,” emphasizes Kasen.
“This our first single of 2019 which I think promises to be the best year. Aké will be available on Bokwe platforms as well as national radio stations on 29th March 2019. “

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