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Written by on March 21, 2019


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A Lusaka street vendor has been taken to court by his ex-girlfriend for failing to support their eight year old daughter.

James Kayombo, 31, a resident of Kanyama compound, was sued in the Kanyama Local court by Margaret Mabanga, 39, of the same area, for failing to provide for their child.

Margaret complained to court that Mr Kayombo has failed to support his child since 2012 and that she has been paying all the child’s medical bills and school fees.

“Your honour, the father of my child has never bought anything for his daughter ever since it was born. I have to buy the nappies, medicals and other things myself,” she said.

Margaret said that she also found it hard to explain to the child why her father did not support or come to see her because he really visited.

“He fails to see her or even check on her school progress,” she said.

She appealed to court to assist her compel Mr kayombo to be responsible and help her pay the child’s expenses.

In his defence, Mr Kayombo said that he had tried to support the child with K200 monthly but it had not been easy since he was not in formal employment.

“Business has been hard lately after the Lusaka City Council started chasing us (vendors) from the streets,” he stated.

“It also pains me to see my daughter lacking basic needs simply because I can’t afford them. I do really want to give her the best but I am not in employment and street vending is becoming harder by the day. The council has not been fair to us,” said Mr Kayombo.

Presiding magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala, in passing judgement, ruled that Mr. Kayombo should make every effort to support his child because he was an able bodied person.

The magistrate ordered him to pay K600 monthly as child support and to also take care of other bills such as school fees and medicals.

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