Father burns daughter

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A man of Ndeke area in Chongwe District has burnt his 20 year old daughter with boiling water to stop her from getting married to the man of her choice.

But his action attracted an instant mob justice which quickly grabbed and bundled him into a van and took him to police while the daughter was rushed to the hospital.

Mr. Augustus Mweemba poured hot water on his daughter, Esther, after an altercation around 20:00 hours on Tuesday night over her choice of a man she wanted to marry.

The Sun team that rushed to the area, found Mr Mweemba being dragged into a van while his daughter was in tears as blisters formed on her arm and back.

Esther explained that Mr Mweemba had never liked her boyfriend though that did not stop him from receiving the dowry.

“I have always known that my father hated me but I never thought he hated me this much. He out of all the people knows that I had a miscarriage just a few days ago and he has decided to add more pain to my life. Now I suspect that my father knows why I miscarried,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Esther whose mother’s whereabouts are unknown said that she regretted growing up with the man she called her father.

She said that she wanted the law to take its course regardless of relations.

And her boy friend Bestern Moono could only watch as his fiancée was rushed to hospital.

Esther was rushed to Chongwe District Hospital while her father was taken to Chalimbana police by a mob of people that did not want to take the law in their own hands.

Eye witnesses told the Sun in separate interviews that Mr. Mweemba had a fight with his daughter after he differed with her boyfriend.

One witness, Mildred Sichaamba narrated that Mr. Mweemba told his daughter that she could not go ahead with the plans of getting married to the man she wanted despite him paying lobola.

“He went as far as insulting his daughter and threw some punches at her before we stopped the fight. He seemed drunk and we saw him quarrelling with his daughter’s boy friend before he approached his daughter, “ she said.

Ms. Sichaamba said that after the fight was stopped, Mr. Mweemba allegedly got a pot of boiling water that was on the brazier and poured it on his daughter from the back.

She explained that Mr. Mweemba continued insulting his daughter even when she was in pain.

And Mr. Mweemba said that the the person he poured water on was his daughter and did not expect anyone to say anything.

He said that he was ready to go to court and clearly stated that he did not want his daughter to get married to the man she wanted.

And when asked why he accepted the money for lobola if he did not like the man, Mr. Mweemba remained silent.

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