Woman fined for calling landlord prostitute

Written by on March 15, 2019



A woman in Ndola has been fined K2,000 for accusing her landlord of sleeping around with tenants and building properties through prostitution.

She was brought before the Mapalo Local Court also for alleging that the landlord was on Anti-Retroviral (ARVs) drugs.

Florence Mwape 38 of Chipulukusu Township, the landlord, sued her tenant Victoria Mayamba 29 of the same township demanding compensation for insults.

She told the court that Ms Mayamba was her tenant and that she did not pay rentals for the month of February 2019.

Ms Mwape said when she asked for her money, the tenant said she would pay on the 11th February and not earlier than that.

“When I left her place, she followed me to my house and started insulting me and telling me that I gossiping about her that she is a dirty woman,” Ms Mwape said.

At this point, Ms Mwape said, her tenant heightened her tantrums, accusing her of being a prostitute who sleeps with tenants and that she takes ARVs because of her promiscuity.

Ms Mwape said she wanted compensation because her business was disturbed as people would be reluctant to rent her houses, thinking she engages in sexual acts with tenants.

The case came before Mapalo Local Court presiding magistrates Judith Bwalya, Ntembe Sakala and Nsofu Chileshe.

In her defence, Ms Mayamba said her landlord approached her aggressively and asked for her money for rentals but she told her that she would give her later.

She said the landlord was upset and started fighting and assaulted her.

Ms Mayamba said she was willing to give the landlord the money but the problem was that she approached her in a rude manner and grabbed her by her shirt.

“She called so many people and they all ganged up against me. She said I was foolish and I boast a lot because my child speaks English,” she said.

She said the landlord always told her that she did not even clean the house.

Ms Mayamba said she did not call her a prostitute as she did not have time to interact with people in the area as most of them were alcoholics.

In passing judgement, the court ordered Ms Mayamba to compensate Ms Mwape with K2000 in monthly instalments of K250

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