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About Pastor BJ Ngosa

BOYD JONES NGOSA fondly known as BJ Ngosa from his early days of singing, is married to Jubilee Mwamba Ngosa, a designer and business  woman. He is a father to four children, two boys and two girls, lives in Lusaka and pastors a church he and his wife founded called Destiny Tower Ministries in Chelstone area.

BJ Ngosa holds a diploma in theology, Diploma in law, degree in law and Masters in conflict resolutions. He is currently pursuing his doctorial studies and will soon be enrolling for bar school at Ziale. 

His belief is anchored on Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ and says Christ enables me to do anything I put my hands to.


Gratitude feels my heart for the opportunity rendered to me this day to share the word of the Lord with our people and the nation. To the editor and the proprietors of the Lusaka Sun Newspaper thank you and to all those reading, may God help us to be better.

Proverbs 22:7

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is a slave to the lender.

A few days ago my friend and I went hunting for money in town and the best way we could find it was to locate a financing firm, money lenders who did not require a lot of paper work and collateral. As we went around I was reminded of this sermon I preached about eight (8) years ago during our annual, ‘No More Bareness’ Conference at Church, “The shame of Borrowing.” The words of my message pierced through my soul as I thought about how the mighty BJ Ngosa have fallen into the trap they have been preaching against. 

To start with allow me to first define the words in my discourse today:

1.​Borrowing; Receiving something of value in exchange for an obligation to pay back something of usually greater value at a particular time in the future.  

2.​ Shame; the state of being embarrassed, disgraced or being humiliated. 


It should be noted that while I totally agree that there is nothing wrong with borrowing and that God does not speak or stop people from borrowing from the Bible, yet I have found overwhelming scriptures and evidence that God does not want his people to live a life of ever borrowing because

a.​It replaces God with man -Philippians 4:19, Exodus 20; 3-5

b.​It makes you a slave -Proverbs 22:7

c.​It promotes panic-Matthew 6:30-33

d.​When you fail to pay you become a disgrace to yourself and to the people you borrowed from. Luke 12:57-59

e.​You lose your trust and integrity. Romans 13:7

Borrowing is an embarrassment to the people, the nation and our dignity. I believe we have the ability to find a way out. Everyone who lends you something expects more from you than you actually know you have. A lender knows opportunities and that is why they lend out.  Always remember no one lends you help if they know you cant pay either by asset value or by cash. 

People borrow for many reasons and yet among many are that people borrow for living and urvival. Anxiety for life caused by desperation and fear. Feelings of failure and an emotional drive that tells you that, ‘things are not working, your life is threatened and your prayers are delayed.’ Borrowing to others is driven by the desire to be seen, showing or pretense to be what they are not. Yet there are those who borrow for development, capital building and investment opportunities. Meaning that there is what is known as Good debts and bad debts. But this pastor believes that all debt is bad as it questions the believer’s authority and biblical demand of being leaders in our time. Deut28:12- You shall lend to many nations and borrow from none, you are not rich or wealthy until your substances can be borrowed by nations.

There is nothing wrong with borrowing if you can pay back and paying back on time. The biggest problem occurs when you have to 

A.​Don’t borrow to pay another debt. 

B.​Don’t borrow when you cannot pay back.

C.​Don’t borrow based on a promise from a relative or expectations, 

D.​Before you borrow make sure that you have done your proper mathematics. Jesus calls this the counting of the cost

Now what if you are already in debt

1.​Stop borrowing-Proverb 6:6-11

2.​Widen your sources

3.​Don’t give rest to your eyes   

4.​Take time to Think because the way out is in the power of your thoughts, always remember God does not give money he give the power to make it. Deuteronomy 8:18

5.​Work with your own hands 1 Thessalonians 4:110-12

6.​Learn the art of giving and saving.


To our leaders

•​Look at what we have of value and negotiate against our debts

•​Let us sacrifice now for a better tomorrow

•​We must learn to sacrifice, starting from our political, judicial and legislative not in words but also in action. Remove first classes flights, high-end cars and all other double costs. One man should not be getting double salaries from one government.  

•​We must do away with dependence and go into independence where people are allowed to participate in the development of the country.

•​Relate and work with the people they know what can be done don’t become an island because  you are now in power or are in opposition so you know it all.

Our people

•​We need to know that politicians are human beings, they are sometimes gullible and will not ALL and ALWAYS see the big picture. They need our help

•​Never trust those who think they can make things better, experience is the greatest teacher so did all those before them promise. A good leader is known before he takes the helm of power, if one cannot offer help now don’t trust they will when you give them power.

•​Let us learn to rise and DO SOMETHING for the betterment of our children now

•​Never give the responsibility of your parenthood to politicians or any other person they will insult you to your early grave.

•​Let us work together to build a nation by avoiding debt and working with our own hands.

I make my appeal that you cannot make a difference unless that change is from inside you. Jesus is the best internal change that can help you better your life. If you need any change, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you find Christ.

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