Kitwe man rejoices over detetion

Written by on March 8, 2019

CONTROVERSIAL Kitwe farmer, Kelvin Soper, says the incarceration of his granddaughter and himself by law enforcement officers, for allegedly being found in possession of marijuana, has helped her understand the dangers of engaging in drugs.

Mr. Soper stated that his 15 year granddaughter has been preaching to her relatives and friends about how the drugs could ruin one’s life ever since she was released from detention at the Kitwe Central Police Station.

Mr. Soper and his granddaughter were detained for a night after his colleagues were found of being in possession of a ball of cannabis.

“It was a sad development, but the good thing is that it sent a signal to his granddaughter that drugs are dangerous and can ruin one’s life,” he said.

He said in an interview with The Sun that he was grateful to the police and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers for acting professionally in handling the matter.

“I must say it was sad development for me and my granddaughter to sleep in police cells when we were innocent, but the good thing is that my granddaughter now understand that drugs are illegal, dangerous and can ruin people’s lives,” he said.

“From the time we were released from the police cells, she has been preaching against drugs to her brothers, sisters and friends. I think she is doing a good thing, especially at a time when most youths are on drugs,” Mr Soper said.

He said he was happy that before any of his grandchildren could start engaging in drugs, one of their colleagues spent a day in police cells and is preaching to them about the dangers of drugs.

“I can tell you that despite spending a night in the cells, we were not ill-treated or beaten in any way until they released us the following day,” he stated.

“I think the whole issue was meant to help my granddaughter to get a message to her sisters and daughters about the dangers of drugs. Whatever happened, happened for a purpose,” he said

He said that his colleague was still in police custody at the time he was released from police custody.

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