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Alph Lukau of Alleluia International Ministries
Alleluia International Ministries leader Alph Lukau is known for his lavish lifestyle which can be seen on social media where he posts pictures of private jets and flashy cars.
Among his collection of toys are a Range Rover, a Bentley, a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, a Ferrari and a three-wheeler custom bike.
In 2016, Lukau courted controversy when he held a marriage conference where he allegedly charged women up to R5,000 to find husbands.
Questioning of this event‚ as well as Lukau’s love of material goods‚ got a Christian journalist in trouble in 2017‚ when he asked: “Should Christians give to rich pastors?”
The journalist‚ Solomon Ashoms Izang‚ was found in contempt of court and slapped with a suspended sentence‚ after he had flouted an order to stop publishing defamatory comments about Lukau‚ his wife‚ or his church. This was after the church had already taken him to court for making comments about the 2016 event for single women.
His church, which was established on February 24 2002, celebrated its 17th anniversary on Sunday.
The church has 95,000 members in Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Europe and South America.
Lukau was chosen to conduct the wedding of Duduzile Zuma to Lonwabo Sambudla at an Eastern Cape game reserve in 2011. The Sunday Times reported that she and her four bridesmaids collectively wore more than 1‚000 diamonds worth R4.5m loaned to the wedding party; and‚ instead of gifts‚ the bridal couple requested gift vouchers from a variety of high-end stores. An army of private security guards‚ police and the presidential protection unit watched over the event.
In 2014 the City of Johannesburg had to intervene and close the construction of the church’s Lyndhurst building due to safety reasons.
The church had been operating on the property while building an additional section despite the fact that the area was not zoned as a place of worship.
The church in Johannesburg currently runs services from Kramerville in Sandton.
Lukau has a huge social media following with 89,000 Instagram followers and more than 21,000 on Twitter where he displays his opulence.

As the owner of an investment company‚ he knows how to rake in the money. Back in 2017 he was already charging R5‚000 for a VVIP ticket to a service‚ while VIP tickets were R1‚500 a pop and the cheap seats went for R450‚ according to the Sunday Times.
Lukau enjoys VIP status‚ even being afforded a motorcycle escort when he rides to church
Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church
Born and bred in Lilongwe, Malawi, Prophet Bushiri who is also known as “Major 1” hails from a very poor African Christian family and was raised by parents who were both Christian. There is no factual information about the young prophet’s parents and how old he is, but there are speculations that he is the fourth child a family of six children born by Huxley and Cristina Bushiri who hails from Zambia. According to the unconfirmed information, Bushiri was born on the 20th of February 1978 and that he was named Shepherd Bushiri by his mother after her ordeal while giving birth to him.
ushiri attended Moyale Secondary School located in Mzuzu where he obtained his SSCE. He furthered at Therapon University where he obtained his higher education degree. However, his journey as a prophet of God began at age 10 when a supernatural being he recognised as God appeared to him in a dream and ordering him to go warn the people of the world to repent of their sins. Thereafter, the prophet recounts that God kept appearing to him with messages for people and he was comfirmed by God Himself to be his prophet. He is mightily used in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries.
His ministry, known as the ministry of the book of Acts because of its numerous signs and wonders, has spread across the from Mzuzu in Malawi where he began and reaching to other countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Ethiopia. The fast-growing Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) was launched in 2010.
If only we all had the talent, there would be more traffic in the air than the roads. The private jet craze has really infected our pastors and politicians. The Malawian pastor just purchased a new Gulf Stream private jet on January 6, 2016, making it the 3rd in his jet collection. What can I say, a brand new jet for a brand new year!
In an official ceremony organised by National Airways Corporation (NAC) in South Africa, the jet which was worth $37 million was unveiled and Bushiri was handed the certificate of a ZS-VIP by Larry Flynn, Gulf Stream Manager noting that he(Bushiri) is the youngest to afford a gulf stream jet.
Owning and maintaining private jets cost a fortune; that’s why it is not so shocking to hear and see billionaires use them as luxury toys because they are typical money chasers and makers; we can get used to them but when it comes to “men of God”, it raises plenty eyebrows. I mean, these are the people who will not fail to remind you that the world and everything in it is “vanity upon vanity, all vanity”, yet fly a fleet of jets.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri just became the 2nd pastor in the world with the highest number of private jets after Bishop Oyedepo who has about 4 of them. When attacked for lavishing an amount that can help the poor on Facebook, the man of God replied thus:
The stylish prophet who claims to be living by example has a net worth of about $150 million. The prophet also owns fleets of cars, houses in Malawi, South Africa and in some other Africa countries. The Shepherd is so rich that he doesn’t collect church offerings from members of his church in all his services and his free channel popularly known as ‘Prophetic Channel’ has helped in reaching out to millions of people all over the world.

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