Woman pursues runaway boyfriend through court

Written by on March 4, 2019

A woman of Lusaka has sued her boyfriend for refusing to pay for her abortion despite agreeing to do so.

Namakau Sitali, 33, of Kaunda Square was also seeking an explanation from her boyfriend, Richard Ngoma, 38, of Avondale, on why he ended their 9 year relationship abruptly and without notifying her.

Ms Sitali told court, presided over by magistrates Mary Namangala and Kennedy Mwansa Mutale, that when she discovered she was pregnant by him in September last year, Mr. Ngoma convinced her to go for an abortion and assured her that he will pay for it.

“He insisted that I terminate the pregnancy despite my unhealthy condition. He told me he would take care of the bills,” she said.

She said she aborted at a certain Chinese clinic but that Mr. Ngoma has never shown any care ever since or reimbursed her the money she paid for the abortion.

Ms. Sitali said, “I have been in and out of hospital but he has never shown any concerns and whenever I call him he ignores my calls. I think he has found another girl because I usually see him dropping a certain lady at church.”

But in his defense, Mr. Ngoma refused Ms. Sitali was ever his girlfriend but a mere friend “without any strings attached.”

“We haven’t been talking to each other for two months, and the main reason I wouldn’t want to date her is because she doesn’t have a vision,” he stated.

Mr. Ngoma accused her of trying to black mail him.

“I don’t need a woman and I have no intentions of having any,” he said.

But Ms. Sitali insisted the defendant should refund her the medical bills and compensate her the complications she still suffered and for wasting her time.

“Nine years of dating is not a joke,” she observed.

Court advised plaintiff to sue the defendant in the subordinate court since it has jurisdiction to deal with matters involving loss of lives, such as through abortion.

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