Ban immoral songs, Govt told

Written by on February 19, 2019


THERE is need to regulate current insulting nature of music polluting the moral strength of the Zambian nation, says traditional counselor Edwin Zulu.

Mr Zulu quickly made a passionate appeal to the Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance Reverend Godfridah Sumaili to flex her muscles and bad insulting songs doing the round in communities.

He said instead of only regulating churches Rev Sumaili should flex her muscles and regulate songs of insulting nature because they entertain insulting songs by some musician all intent to make quick money.

He said the language in the lyrics these days was extremely appalling an insulting and were unheard of some 50 years ago.

“Imagine we have allowed songs like ‘Nyama inamuchila kutsogolo ni munthu’, ‘Wanitengera kabudula wanga azalengesa niyende chintako’ and ‘Nizanyera mumbale yandiyo olo mu unga’ in our society without any sense of shame,” Mr. Zulu complained.

He explained that such songs were demeaning and corrupting morals of young people, stressing that Zambia had become a laughing stock to the Devil as a Christian nation which should have a strong foundation based on mutual respect for everyone.

He said that the fact that there was freedom of speech and expression should not be a license for local musicians to be using vulgar language when writing their songs.

He said that some people may think it is fun and entertainment not knowing that they were slowly drifting into paths of immorality and criminality.

It was time for political, traditional and church leaders to enforce the moral laws by banning such music from playing in the country.

The traditional councilor said that musicians of the 80s wrote and sang educative, inspiring and entertaining songs that built families regard-less of their background.

“Musicians of nowadays should emulate role models such as Paul Ngozi, Joyce Nyirongo, P.K Chishala, Mike Nyoni, Emmanuel Mulemena and Teddy Chilambe among others,

“What do you get from songs such as ‘nikasoba ndalama yamoba niza-kongola kaloba? It teaches nothing but irresponsibility and laziness,” he said.

He further called on Rev Sumaili and her team to cast the net wider and bring the culprits to book, stressing that there was need to promote sanity in the nation through responsible music

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