Army officer divorces ‘disrespectful’ wife

Written by on February 18, 2019



A Zambia army officer has divorced his wife of three-years because she has lost trust and respect for him.

Mr. Ngwenya Mundalanga, 37, an army officer based in Lusaka, told the Chilenje local court he did not want to live with his wife, Nchimunya Hamalambo, anymore because he did not love her.

Mr. Mundalanga told court that, he married Hamalambo, 34, in 2015 and that the two have two sons.

He said that problems in their marriage began when he was transferred to work in Muchinga Province. He said that his wife followed him to Mpika, and demanded to always spend time with him but that he could not due to pressures of work.

He explained that, she also wanted to immediately shift with him when he was transferred to Lusaka before he could even clean his house.

“She started losing respect and trust for me, and would sometimes check my messages when I am sleeping,” he said.

Mr. Mundalanga said, “She found a message once and insulted me that I was not man enough.”

“I was forced to slap her because she kept on shouting at me, and once told me I was not man enough and that she would rather go after men with PHDs than a masters, ” said Mr. Mundalanga.

He said, “I stopped touching her because of insults. We have stayed for a year without having sex. She told me the last-born son is not mine. So, I just want this marriage to end because I wouldn’t want to do something that would hurt my family.”

“I want the marriage to end because I have lost interest. I will give the children full support,” said Mr. Mundalanga”.

But Ms. Hamalambo told the court that she knew there was another women when she notice the change in him.

“I would sometimes find condoms in his bag and when I ask him about them, he would get upset,” she stated.

She said that, “We were once happy and our problems only started when the other woman, who was his lover before we got married, came into the picture.”

“He stopped eating food from home or spending time with the children. He went and spent a week with her and returned with three of her t-shirts which he has been wearing ever since,” she said.

Hamalambo said, “I have never insulted him but he has just lost interest in me because he has another woman. I still love him but since he wants the marriage to end, I can’t force him because you cannot live with someone who has no interest in you.”

And in his ruling, court magistrate Ackim Phiri observed that, “When there is no love, there cannot be marriage.”

He therefore dissolved the marriage and ordered that Mr. Mundalanga to pay K8, 000 as compensate and to also equally share the household goods.

The magistrate also ruled that the children would remain with the mother and that Mr. Mundalanga pays a monthly child maintenance fee of K500 and also takes care of school, medical and clothing bills.

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