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WITHOUT appearing to be repetitive, this issue of criminal gangs reigning terror in Lusaka, and even other parts of the country, seems to be getting out of hand and urgently needs curative measures.

A day hardly passes without hearing of brutal attacks on innocent citizens by these delinquents, resulting in serious injuries on the victims or loss of properties and in some cases, loss of life.

This obviously cannot be allowed to go on because, first and foremost, it makes living in Zambia unsafe and unenjoyable for the people, and secondly, because it could easily send wrong signals to   would-be investors and even have serious consequences on general wellbeing of the economy.

Take these recent reports coming from the capital city’s Misisi and Zani Muone compounds, where residents are living in fear of the gangs which are terrorizing their areas.

Only two days ago, residents of Makeni Villa complained of being ceaselessly attacked by gangsters going by the name of ‘Junkies’ which has also not spared mini bus drivers from whom they demand money or rob  those  they meet on their way in broad daylight.

One Misisi resident is currently admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) after being attacked and nearly maimed by the local criminal gang.

Another resident, Enock Kapanga, 29 years, was yesterday discharged from UTH but remains traumatized and failing to walk properly after some of his toes and fingers were chopped off. Simply shocking!

Mr Kapanga, who hails from Copperbelt, was attacked on Friday around 22:00 hours when he was going to his sister’s place within Misisi Compound.

Today he is unable to walk properly and has asked for assistance in form of clutches, money for drugs and food. He barely manages to walk to the toilet which is located outside the house.

It is undisputable that these shameless attacks against innocent members of the public are not only confined to Misisi, Makeni Villa or Zani Muone but in many other compounds of Lusaka and even other parts of the country.

It is also obvious that the buck stops at our police and other security wings of government to come up with a strategy to totally eliminate these bad eggs from our communities.

Of course the police will require full cooperation of the communities because after all this is where these hoodlums also live.

Perhaps the police will need to fully re-introduce security neighbourhood watches in the sprawling compounds which will intelligently prepare for emergencies. Time to stop these villains is now.

These are local boys who are known in the community. It should therefore not be difficult to find these criminal elements.

We are certain that there are many residents willing to provide police with information to bring these criminals to book.

Let the criminals know that police mean business and that they are prepared to follow them in their  hiding places.

Citizens deserve better and police can ensure criminal elements are kept in check to give residents some peave.

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