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TEXT: Psalms 89:14, Psalms 33:12 & Proverbs 29:2


Today will address the subject on what happens when God rules the Nation. As I share we shall look at the three scriptures that converse about God’s foundation and principles of leadership, when the nation is surrendered to God, what happens when the righteous rule and conclusion.  

1. God’s foundation and principles of leadership according to Psalms 89:14

We read that the foundation of God throne is Justice, righteousness, love and mercy.

Justice – There will be fairness, impartiality, and equity in politics and running the affairs of the nation. Justice in development, justice in our courts of laws, justice in sharing the national cake. I pray that may our good Lord Grant justice in governance in our land.

Righteousness – There will be honest, truthfulness, uprightness, holiness, and fear of God by our leaders as they administer the affairs of our Land. As a result wickedness, corruption and other wicked devices and enemy of justice will be far from our land. I pray that righteousness to ruin in our land.

Love – There will be love, peace, unity in our beloved in our Nation. Love in politics,  in our families, in our nation. Politics of hatred, violence, tribalism will be far from our land. I pray that the love of God shall be evident and care for each other as Zambians.

 Mercy – There will be mercy, kindness, compassion, concern for each other. This entails that hatred, injustice, luck of care for each other will be far from our Nation. 

2. God according to  Psalms 33:12.

When the Nation is consecrated to God , set apart for God, surrendered to God, it is blessed, people enjoy  the national blessings. Especially that Zambia has been declared a Christian Nation. I pray that all of us shall enjoy the blessings and cake of Zambia not a selected few.

3. What happens when the righteous rule according to Proverbs 29:2?

When the righteous are in authority people rejoice, celebrate and are happy. They don’t complain against its government and leadership.

The responsibility depends on the citizen to put righteous people in high offices when voting, this call for good character, don’t vote people on basis of the party, tribe, colour but on the Godly character. I pray that God grant Zambian citizens wisdom to vote for righteous people in leadership and bless us with Godly leaders so that all Zambians can rejoice not mourn.


As we conclude can we say Zambia is ruled by Godly principles of; Justice, Righteousness, Mercy and love? Has Zambia been surrendered to God really?, Is God Lord over Zambia? Are the righteous in authority and are people rejoicing or mourning? Let us pray for the healing of our Nation and our leaders. Blessed is the Nation that is ruled by God. God bless you.


Pastor Solomon Mbulo, is Senior Ministerr at Shekinah Tabernacle Assembly, The ministry of Pentecostal Aseemblies of God Zambia (PAOGZ), under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Robertson Nonde. He is been in ministry for 19 years, credentialed minister with PAOGZ. 

Pastor Mbulo is a seasoned and a long serving member of PAOGZ, served as Deacon at Northmead Assembly of God for 10 years, where he was Deacon in charge of different departments namely; Evangelism and Counseling, Singles and Men’s fellowship.

He got served at a tender age of 17 years on 21st September,1981 at Chassa Boys secondary School. After School he went to Zesco Training Centre in Ndola in electrical field. Later joined Zesco. 

He worked For Zesco for 18 years and served in different middle management positions before serving the Lord on full time basis. He received two labour Awards during his tenure at Zesco

Pastor Mbulo has held various position at National level in the PAOGZ just to name a few; National Director Men’s Fellowship, National Missions Promotion Director, Church ministries Board Secretary, National Project Committee.

He is a currently a holder of Degree in Bible and Theology and pursuing Master’s in Leadership. Married to Grace Namafente , with two children faith and Gideon.

He is also national and international Conference Speaker traveled widely across the Nation and abroad. He has a passion for the lost and the well being of the poor. He find pleasure in raising people from zero to Heroes.

  He has featured on ZNBC, Muvi TV, ZNBC Radio2, ZNBC TV3, Radio Christian Voice.

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