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A  NDOLA woman has been chased from her matrimonial home for going on a drinking spree, living her 12 months baby alone at home.

Abraham Sakala of Kabushi Extension in Ndola was tipped by the members of the community that his wife Sharon Mubanga had gone drinking leaving their child locked alone inside the house.

Mr Sakala when rushed back home, found people trying to break the door to remove the crying baby from the house.

Neighbours said the woman always left the baby in the house alone whenever she went out to socialise and ensured going back before the husband got back home.

“This is her normal routine, sometimes she asks young girls to watch over the baby while she goes out drinking with her friends but today she decided to lock the baby in the house alone which is not normal,” they said.

Ms Peggy Kaluba a resident in the area said they decided to call her husband after the child kept on crying and there was no one in the house to attend to the baby.

In anguish the father of the child threw out all his wife’s property in full view of the neighbours while waiting for her return.

When Sharon came back in her drunken state, she was shocked to find people gathered at her home and all her things thrown outside and the husband did not allow her into the house.

“It is not the first time, I have been hearing stories in the neighbourhood that she always does this whenever I leave for work but today I am not going to spare her,” he said.

The husband has since taken the baby to his mother to look after child.

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