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Written by on February 1, 2019

IT IS shocking that pupils at a Siavonga school are being forced to sit on the floor in classrooms because desks are ‘stuck’ somewhere.

Some Kariba Primary school pupils have nowhere to sit but the floor during lessons because desks meant for their use are somewhere ‘hidden’ within the district.

This is unfortunate because it is hardly a conducive learning environment for the pupils.

It is  a unnecessary distraction for both learners and teachers.

We would understand if this was a new school in the process of being equipped. But this is an old school. Why are the desks being kept elsewhere when they are needed at this school?

Is it a question of the school having difficulties in finding transport to move the desks?

Why is the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) not helping to move the desks to the rightful owners?

We support the parents’ call on the Provincial Education Officer to quickly visit the area and investigate why the DEBS office did not attend to the plight of innocent learners.

According to the parents,  the fact that desks were delivered to the school after they complained at the non-availability of the furniture for lower classes, was evidence enough that someone somewhere was not doing her or his job.

Civil servants should not need reminders to do their work because they are paid for that.

Government programmes are often delayed or derailed because of inertia.

We hope that this is not the case for the Siavonga school and that there is a more reasonable explanation for failure to deliver the desks.

The importance of education cannot be over emphasised.  Any country needs an informed and educated population to further its economic development

Zambia is in a hurry to develop and education is one of the vital elements that government needs.

It is therefore important that education is treated as a priority by everyone, especially school authorities.

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