Lusaka woman denies step son

Written by on January 28, 2019



A LUSAKA woman shocked a Lusaka Local Court when she flatly refused to reconcile with her step son.

This is a matter in which Howard Mulilo, 29, of Batoka, Choma district has sued his step mother, Janet Mwamba, 47, of Obama in Chelstone extension Lusaka on allegations that she has denied him as her step son and wanted the court to reconcile them.

The Chelstone local court led by Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala was surprised when Mwamba refused to accept and reconcile with Howard.

Mulilo said that after his father’s death, Mwamba has been refusing to recognize him as her step son so that he could have access to assets left by his father

He said Mwamba had been denying him because her husband never introduced or mentioned him to her.

Mulilo said his stepmother did want people at her house and he never had a chance of visiting his own dad while he lived.

“My dad could call me but I never used to reach his house instead we would go and meet at my uncle’s place,

“She denied me at the funeral of my father after she claimed that I just reappeared from the blues,” said Mulilo.

Mulilo also told court that whenever he wanted to visit his father, his stepmother would refuse and threatened to pour hot cooking oil on him.

“Dad left behind, a house, cars and a plot, all I need is my share of the property and to reconcile with her and my brothers and sisters,” he said

The court failed to reconcile them because Mwamba was not ready for reconciliation and the matter was adjourned to a later date for judgment.

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