‘Junkies’ news to police-Katongo

Written by on January 28, 2019



POLICE are not aware of any criminal activities taking place in Lusaka’s Makeni Villa Park area because they have not been reported, says spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo

Ms Katongo told Lusaka Sun newspaper in an interview that if there any criminal actives in the area, these had not been reported to police.

 “The police are not aware of any criminal activities in Makeni Villa because there are no such reports of them,” Ms Katongo said.

Ms Katongo however explained that the biggest problem with communities was that they never reported criminal activities but rush to complain to the media.

Meanwhile residents and bus drivers in the same area have maintained their worries about the criminals called ‘junkies’ who were still reigning terror.

Last week on January 21, a driver of a Toyota Hiace mini bus was beaten by the same criminals for refusing to pay them.

Despite the driver reporting the matter to the police nothing has happened.

One of the residents Rhoda Chanda, a maid said that on her way from work on unknown date she was attacked by the same criminals and they took her phone and when she reported to the police nothing happened

“Vi pondo  vapaka muma Makeni Villa ikafika 19.00hrs nishi kulibe kuyenda olo bazaku menya ma junkie olo tibuze ba police siba bwela,( there too many criminals in Makeni Villa and moving around 19.00hrs is dangerous because these ‘junkies’ will beat you and even if we report the police never come to our aid,” Chanda said.

Criminal activities in Makeni Villa has been on the rise since 2017 and residents were scared of reporting to the police in  fear of being killed by the criminals once they were discovered.

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