Let’s save the children

Written by on January 26, 2019

It is shocking that any parent, let alone both parents, can abandon their children to roam the streets while they are elsewhere, unconcerned.

Not too long ago, we dealt with this issue and supported National Guidance and Religious Affairs minister, Godfridah Sumaili’s call for the nation to get back to the traditional family unity practised from time immemorial.

The story of the three young children of Siavonga surviving by the grace of God and with the help of neighbours, is sad but also demonstrates the need for communal unity that the minister was highlighting.

Unfortunately, the community seems to have gotten tired of looking after the abandoned children. The neighbours had been taking care of the children in the hopes that the parents would return.

This has not happened and the father is reportedly living with a new wife at an island on the Lake.

As a result, the children have had to fend for themselves and their only way to survive is to beg on the streets.

This is a sad development which may negatively affect the children as they grow up.

We hope that the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare will move in and help these children by finding them a new home in one of the many safe havens for abandoned children.

There are already too many children on the streets. It would be a welcome development if some of the children could be assisted to stay away from the streets.

Let us save the children.                                                  

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