Cemetery scares Bauleni residents

Written by on January 26, 2019


SOME residents of Bauleni compound in Lusaka have called on the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to construct a boundary wall and light up Leopards’ Hill Road cemetery to improve security around the area.

One of the concerned residents, Mr. Herbert Kunda told the Sun in an interview that many people felt ‘unsafe’ when passing by the cemetery.

“It feels eerie when passing near this cemetery especially in the evening and early in the morning,” he said

Mr. Kunda said that there was need to put barriers or street lights in the area as there was some ‘heaviness’ that was felt when passing near the cemetery.

He claimed that it also felt uncomfortable for residents to be witnessing people being put to rest every day.

“We need a boundary wall around this cemetery so that we can start feeling safe and stop seeing the activities that take place there.

“If the council feels it will take time to put up a boundary wall, at least lights can do for now so that people can be moving freely in the night when passing by the cemetery,” he said.

He explained that a graveyard was always a scary place to many, hence, the need to have it hidden or secured.

Another resident, Mary Machokwenda expressed worry because children sometimes tried to pick up things that they saw lying about in the cemetery including wreaths.

Ms. Machokwenda explained that in as much as they could try to stop children from getting into the burial sites, they could not totally manage to control them because they always run back to the place due to its exposure. 

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