Matero youth goes into shoes production

Written by on January 25, 2019


A YOUNG enterprising youth of Matero has gone into shoes production which is earning him an average of K1,000 a week.

Samson Nkhoma,25, said he decided to go  into shoes production  to not only keep away from illicit activities  in which many youths were found today, but  also as a source of income.

Nkhoma told the Sun in an interview that he started his business in 2015 with a paltry capital of K1, 000 and was currently producing 15 pairs of ladies, gents and children shoes daily.

He said that it was disheartening to see many youths in Zambia who seemed lost and were engaged in all  sorts of social vices.

“I started my business in 2015 with a humble capital of K1, 000 and today I am able to put food on the table as it is it is important to always have ideas of survival unlike drinking beer everyday as seen nowadays by many youths,” said Nkhoma

Nkhoma said he established his business in Lusaka’s Mtendere compound where he claimed he enjoyed a good clientele portfolio. “With my business, I have targeted doctors and nurses from nearby health centres who make orders in bulk. My target has however not disappointed me because the people that I target also send customers to me,” he said.

He said he got up as early as 04:00 hours from his home in Matero to his shop in Mtendere compound.

 “I know that most of my age mates are in illicit activities and always giving excuses such as government does not provide jobs for them and that there are no people willing to empower the youths in the Zambia, but I feel these are lame excuses,” he said.

He said that when things got tough at times that he could not even afford a bus fare, he walked from Matero to Mtendere.

He said however that that he was now able to put food on the table, pay rentals for his house, the shop and paying salaries for his w0rkers.

Mr. Nkhoma further explained that when business was slow, he made about K800 a week and more than K1000 when business was brisk.

He however said that his dream was coming up with a big shoe making plant and has since called for   empowerment from government and other well-wishers. 

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