2019 female musicians to look out for

Written by on January 24, 2019


The year 2019 promises to be yet another busy one for music. It is even set to be more competitive for women in music.

For this reason, The Lusaka Sun lists top six of the female artistes to look out for this year.

This list is according to a quick analysis of their contribution, plans and fan base. It is certain these five hardworking individuals will give us an entertaining year.

1. MAMPI: She continues to serve as the industry’s most sought after performer. She may not have released anything new this year, but her close allies disclose that she will be pushing new works this year. She is also expected to maintain her top slot of the most sought after performer at most local gigs. It is only hoped this year, Mampi will like many other pioneering artistes embrace live music performances. She is very good at it but does not make it a priority in her shows. One thing is for sure, she will do more to maintain her self-proclaimed status of Queen Diva.

2. CLEO: Cleo opened the year with a serious sign of hard work. Her 2019 single ‘ Secure the Bag’ is a serious indication she will have a busy year. Being a mother, radio host, TV personality and socialite, Cleo will have to find means to strike a balance but one thing is for sure, her multiple artistic roles will be revealed more this year. She is still the Queen of Rap.

3. DAMBISA: Dambisa is playing more roles as an artiste making her join a number of female socialites. Her new love for fashion and beauty photography gives us an idea she will be giving us more images in a bid to promote her black beauty theory. She indicated this will be a fruitful year for her.

4. WEZI: Wezi is the new fusion of old and new school in as far as music is concerned. She is eager to go far and wide to promote authentic music. Her love for live music is enough to prove she will not be resting this year. Already, she has a whole lot of new music on her plate and she set to unleash most of it, this year.

5. BOMBSHELL: Bombshell is bringing more character to the Zambian rap game and this year is definitely one she has to prove herself. She has had few shows in the past but there is great anticipation she is bound to give a good run to most female rappers in the game. It is not long before we all experience her influence as she hints at dropping the biggest music ‘ bombshell’ this year.

6. DAVAOS: The dancehall duo is seriously getting paid this year as it declares to rule the music game. The release of Davaos’ single ‘ We’re Number 1’ this year is enough to tell the duo wants to dominate the music industry and rule over most female artistes. It is only a matter of time before the duo proves it is controlling the dancehall acts. That is certainly happening this year.

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