We’re No.1,’ Davaos

Written by on January 15, 2019



Zambia’s female rap duo Davaos famous for the 2018 ‘Sunkana’ have released a new single “We No.1’’ to emphasise they are ruling the female dancehall top slot.

The two aim to use the single to bring out the bad girl attitude in the music game which is mainly dominated by the male.

“We No.1 is a song that describes our stand in the dancehall music,” says Davaos.

“Over time not so many ladies do dancehall music in Zed, and some mistake other genres for dancehall, but what we are saying is we are number one.’’

The song is produced by Kekero and is set in the typical dancehall style of self-praise and hype.

“We are truly number one and are ready for any challenge. Our song is out on social media music outlets. People can get it anytime, “adds Davaos.

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