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Written by on January 15, 2019

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Can I ask my mother-in-law when she is going back home. Kale baisa, nabakokola sana. It’s now six months and  I am even failing to dress nicely. Eva

Answer: It is not our culture to ask your mother in law when she is going back. Even if she has been with you for six months, you cannot ask her when she will be going back. What if she has come to stay forever with you?

Should a man be in charge of buying groceries?

Why should a man be in charge of buying groceries as if he is not married? He should leave those duties to a woman that is why she is there. She is there to take care of the house. There is division of labour even in a home. A man is a provider and a woman is a home maker. Let the woman do the shopping for groceries. That is what our culture demands. Modern life is however different but I prefer to stick with our cultural dictates.

Why do men need so much sex too much? I feel it is not healthy

Answer: Stop complaining please. I think you can use Google for answers but My understanding is that a normal man needs sex as much as a normal woman does.  Stop categorising the issue. It is also a health matter . Practice safe sex, use condoms.

I have a sugar daddy who is married but helps me pay rentals. How do I get rid of him? Mwaka

Answer: A Sugar daddy, a married man helping you to pay rentals. Just leave this man and get your own   man please. A married man will never leave his wife for you. Don’t  listen to such lies. Bufi balekubepa. Booza. Kubeja.

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