PF should brace for harder, oppressive times – Lubinda

Written by on March 17, 2023


THE vulgarities and invectives against former President Edgar Lungu by his successor, President Hakainde Hichilema is a warning that the Patriotic Front (PF) should brace themselves for oppressive times as the UPND shall become more lethal and tyrannical, Given Lubinda has cautioned.

And Mr Lubinda says the UPND is being threatened by the PF’s growing strength, unity and popularity that the governing party will employ all dictatorial schemes in the book to annihilate the former ruling party so that it could have an easy passage to victory in 2026.

Mr Lubinda, the PF president said the violence that occurred on Youth Day in which several PF members were injured from the terror caused by the UPND was but a snippet of what should be expected from the ruling party as the country heads to 2026.

He claimed that the UPND had always been a violent political organisation and that it was not surprising that President Hichilema had continued with his vulgarities and invectives against Mr Lungu to incite his cadres so that they could go on rampage brutalizing citizens.

Mr Lubinda said the UPND was a violent party in the opposition and that now that the political organisation had state power, their vicious conduct against citizens, especially against the PF was going to be escalated because the former ruling party is threatening its stay in power.

“I wish to advise Zambians, especially the PF membership that what happened on the Youth Day is a snippet of what we should expect from the UPND as we go towards 2026. It is not a coincidence that President Hichilema has started spewing vulgarities and invectives against former President Lungu. He is sending a message to his cadres to be more violent. It is public history that the UPND has been a violent political organisation. A combination of state power and violence is deadly…when violent people take over power, there can never be peace,” Mr Lubinda.

Mr Lubinda explained that the reaction of the UPND on Youth Day was because they were overwhelmed on the Women’s Day where thousands of women turned up for their day and completely dwarfed the ruling party.

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