Remove Banks from CDF Accessing Equation, Sinkamba

Written by on January 25, 2023


THERE is need to come up with a different and less complicated way of accessing Constituency Development Funds (CDF) by the different constituencies going forward which will not involve long procedures at banks going forward, Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has said

Mr Sinkamba said this would shorten the procedure that the different constituencies would have to go through in order to access their funds.

“To me banks have never been the best route to use to deliver these CDF programs because for them its business and they have to do what will bring more profits to them and they also cannot bend their policies which they have established for any reason which in itself is a red flag for the government,” said Mr Sinkamba.He observed that one of the reasons why certain constituencies were unable to use their CDF was because of the long and tedious procedure that they had to undergo at the banks in order to access the funds.

Mr Sinkamba also reminded that there was need to keep in mind that banks are there to run a business and would therefore do anything to ensure that money stays in their hands longer so that they can use it elsewhere or on other people and make a profit from it hence the need for a different way of accessing funds.

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