Defend HH from malicious attacks, UPND advised

Written by on January 24, 2023


FORMER Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama has challenged the UPND district leadership and the appointees across the country to utilise local radio stations to defend the presidency.

Mr Kanyama has charged that there had been a lot of talking and attacks targeted at President Hichilema by the opposition leaders with little or no defence from the UPND leadership.

He said that critics of President Hichilema had gone heightened their criticism against President Hichilema and that a perception had been created that the head of State had failed to deliver on any of the campaign when the opposite was true.

Mr Kanyama said that the messages opposition parties were sending out were critical of President Hichilema and that the UPND leadership should not just enjoy the privilege of being in the governing party without defending the head of the party.

The former DC has called on the UPND to wake up and be heard unlike leaving the media to the opposition parties to tear apart the government in the name of freedom of speech.

Mr Kanyama further appealed to church leaders not to involve themselves into partisan politics as the church was comprised of different people who belong to different political parties.

He has further to cautioned civil servants not to listen or be enticed into believing that the ruling party was not going to go beyond 2026, declaring that the UPND shall remain in power and that President Hichilema was going to complete his two terms.

Mr Kanyama said that civil servants were mandated to work and serve the government of the day and avoid in engaging in active politics.

He said that the hate and bitterness the country was witnessing was not healthy for the development of the country and advised the leaders of the previous government to heal and move on because now it was time for the UPND to manage the affairs of the country.

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