‘Consult ECL on Energy, Health, Agriculture’ 

Written by on January 10, 2023


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema should consider consulting former President Edgar Lungu on how to manage and deal with critical sectors of the economy which were performing well under the Patriotic Front (PF) have crumbled under the UPND administration, Munir Zulu has said. 

Mr Zulu, the Lumezi Member of Parliament advises that the UPND should re-strategise and put personal interests aside and engage people they despise to help fix the country’s economic challenges because all the key sectors of the economy have collapsed.

Mr Zulu said that President Hakainde Hichilema needed to put his personal interests aside and if need be, consult his predecessor on how to deal with certain facets of the economy which were not doing very fine.

He said that the Agriculture, Energy and Health sectors had all experienced serious turmoil and that people needed to put their egos aside and ensure that the sectors were saved from total collapse because that would result into a catastrophe.

“This is not a time for personal glory. If President Hichilema feels there are certain things his predecessor can help, he should feel free to consult. We have sectors such as Agriculture, Health and energy which were doing very well under former President Edgar Lungu which have collapsed under President Hichilema. Let Mr Hichilema throw away his ego and consult his predecessor on how he managed the sectors,” he said.

He said knowing Mr former president Edgar Lungu as a patriot he would be more than willing to chip in and help the Zambian people from this situation.

Mr Zulu said the situation in Lumezi was so bad that farmers had not yet received adequate fertiliser and that they had not yet received Urea which was a top dressing for crops.

He said that farmers as many as 32 were subjected to share 4 bags of D Compound a thing he described as unacceptable.

Mr Zulu said he was anticipating a serious hunger situation and that it was more reason for consulting others on the way forward.

He also said that it was evident that the new dawn government was trying to create artificial bottlenecks in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) disbursement in some constituencies.

Mr Zulu said that it was unfortunate that government was imposing on how to utilise the CDF because priorities differed.

He said some of the requirements in the CDF guidelines were not a necessity for the people of Lumezi who at the moment needed drugs and not a 4×4 vehicle.

He also said the new dawn government had only distributed 26 vehicles in the constituencies.

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