Lusambo’s “mistress” demands K14,000 child support

Written by on January 14, 2022

KABUSHI Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo alleged mistress is demanding over K13,000 per month as maintenance for the four children she claims he fathered with her.

Ms Mercy Matongo Cowham has also stated that during their relationship, they used to meet at Ngweshi Lodge in Ndola before Mr Lusambo rented her a house in Kansenshi and Ndeke areas.

In this matter, Mr Lusambo has sued Ms Cowham demanding exemplary damages for the libellous statement she issued the had been in a sexual relationship for over seven years and he fathered four kids with her which he has now abandoned.
The MP has since demanded for a paternity test to prove that he is not the father, which Ms Cowham has agreed to.

In an affidavit in support of summons for affiliation and maintenance filed in court, Ms Cowham stated that from 2015 the plaintiff did occasionally maintain her and the children.
She stated that Mr Lusambo has however completely stopped providing for the children and has refused to do so.

She claims that the children are suffering because of the plaintiff’s decision not to provide them with any support.
“I have been struggling to provide for the children without any support from the I am currently squatting at my grandmother’s house in Chipata, Eastern province with the children due to lack of financial support from the plaintiff,” she stated.

Ms Cowham has submitted that Mr Lusambo who is employed by the National Assembly as an MP is capable of providing for his children.
Thus , she is demanding for K13,900 per month and the breakdown is as follows: food -K5,000, groceries K3,500, rent -K5,000, water bills -K200 and electricity-K200 .

“The plaintiff should provide for all the monthly expenses including accommodation and pay all water and electricity bills. In addition to the children’s monthly expenses, the plaintiff should contribute K7, 000 ever six month for the children’s clothing,” she stated.
She stated that her case is properly court to grant an order for affiliation and maintenance of the children.

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